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Semi permanent make up by nanotechnology machine BIOTEK.

Semi-permanent makeup techniques are called Powder Brows- Shadow Brows- Nano Spray Technique Or Hair By Hair.

Using the machine BIOTEK allows us to achieve a natural appearance of thick and neat eyebrows. Also effect of ombré. This  technique is radically different from the classic tattoo and is a unique technique without the pain of blood swelling and scars as in the in the past. The equipment has been developed with the latest technology from the Italian company Biotek. The Biotek machine currently has no equivalent and is the companies latest developed technology.

Specifically designed to work on the delicate skin of the face it is considered one of the best in the world!

My name is Maryna Parkhomenko I’m permanent make up artist and owner of Secret Make Up studio in Athens . I use the machine nano technology today in my saloon with many satisfied customers.

Today I going to share some information on permanent makeup.

The technique of conducting pigments under the skin is radically different from the classic tattooing with the usual tattooing of eyebrows as it was previously.  The  eyebrows were dark heavy and could remained scared.

Today, with the help of this device the tattooing becomes more natural for the face and the look of the eyebrow, it no longer looks like deeply tattooed but far more natural and eliminates the presence of clearly drawn lines.

Fast healing.

Because the process does not involve deep penetration under the skin, the process of eyebrow healing is much faster than with the classic tattoo or microblanding. On average from 3-7 days, depending on the skin type. The pigmentation method used by Biotek differs from classic tattoo.

The treatment is now far less evasive and preserves the natural growth of the eyebrow. With normal tattooing of the hair follicle, the consequence are that the hairs cease to grow as it is damaged and due to the depth of the introduction of pigments, scaring is possible. The machine allows us to inject pigment into the top layer of the epidermis so is not a deep insertion into the skin, without solid and dense filling and importantly without any skin damage. This is far less traumatic procedure than microblanding for example, since the application of pigments does not occur deep or cause severe damage to the skin.

The pigment that is introduced with this device does not change colour and does not fade as in the case of classic tattooing, where the pigment can change colour to green, grey or blue because the pigment for tattooing on the body have a specific acid. With this procedure the pigments  for working on the face does not have this acid. The pigments introduced by the Biotek device in this process enhances the natural regeneration of the skin meaning that over 1-3 years it gradually fades and transforms into a light translucent shade